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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

T.O.C. Update

Folks, we've got interior pics of the T.O.C. posted at the new site, including dimensions so you can help us design and determine her load-out.  We've also added a III Percent PO Box on the site for shipping non-paypal donations and gear donations.  Remember, when we deploy the T.O.C. our primary role is to get the truth out - but the secondary mission is to support boots on the ground.  To do that we need everything from gensets to sleeping bags.  Here's the link to the new interior pics and dimensions.

Also: Mark your calendars for Thursday, 19 June (Thanks VJ!) at 1159 Hours.  That is when the Membership buttons will go live for the III Percent Society for America.  The idea was born at Brock's spring PatCon, it evolved in the days and weeks since, we have talked about it here with you.  Everything is lined-up legally, and for the first time  we III Patriots can, literally, be card-carrying III Patriots.  Yes - one of the benefits of being a Member will be a Membership Card the same size and material as a credit card, with our logo on it, and your name and unique Member number embossed on the card.  Membership numbers will be assigned in the order received - and only one person can get that coveted 3rd enrollment.  ;)

In all seriousness, thank you all for the help and guidance you have invested in helping to shape the III Percent Society.  We intend to do serious III work.  We will go where NRA and Oathkeepers let us all down.  The most important role the organization will play is a steady revenue stream so we can continue to do III work without having to hold out our hands like beggars every time we want to accomplish an important task.  By joining, you will be helping every III Patriot in America - because we intend to go to any nook or cranny that needs III boots on the ground, and ensure the III voice is heard and the world knows the truth.  We will go into Harm's Way.  That's what we do.

We are III.

Abuse of innocent people and abuse of Liberty will not be tolerated.

Over the next week we'll (several blogs) roll out pieces of the new organization so you guys can digest it slowly and not be forced to sit and read a huge post.

Here are three things about the III Percent Society for America you need to know right now: 1) We intend to go into Harm's Way if that is where we must go to get the Truth.  2) I have pledged my life, my fortune, and my Sacred Honor to the Mission of the III.  3) The Mission Statement of the III Percent Society is simple: The restoration of Rightful Liberty in America.

More later.

Hit the T.O.C. site here and help us work out this important project.



  1. I assume you mean June 19th?

    Maybe you could hold an auction for membership number 3.


  2. Thanks for the date catch, VJ. I think it must be showing that we're running ragged at the moment.

    Looking forward to seeing you again at the PatCon.



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