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Friday, July 25, 2014

If they can't shoot you...

This is the Spartan ERT by United Shield.  24"x36". 
Standard NIJ Level IIIA w/upgrade available to level III
My fighting style - close and dirty, not running and gunning - makes this product interesting.

If you think you may face a situation in which you must move quickly to a better position while under fire, or you need to "close the gap" before going to work - as long as you can drop this shield off your arm like water when you are ready, I would suggest you consider the possibilities.

Similar versions are available, as tall as 48".  Teaching the wife to put one in front of her and the kids if in a stationary position has potential benefits, versus trying to hide in a corner.

Think about it.

Here's their website.  You could pay full retail now and learn to use it later, or as we saw in Ukraine, wait until they are just laying all over the neighborhood.  ;)


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