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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Got GMail? Got a SmartPhone? They got you...

Here, click it.

I double-dog-dare you.

Enter your Google password info.

Check the history for accuracy.  Mine was balls-on.

Found it at Bracken's place.



  1. Simple, TURN OFF

    GPS and you have nothin.

    Try it.

  2. Do we really believe that the "Turn Off" button truly disables the GPS function - or does it simply "look like" it is off from our end-user vantage?

    My issue isn't with the fact that GPS works - my surprise is that the information is so pervasive that it has trickled-down to the end-user. That simply reflects, from a commercial perspective, how "inexpensive" (for lack of a better word) such information has become.

    We are beyond Orwell, and it is in our faces.

    1. This is what I got:

      You have no location history for March 15, 2015

    2. I'm with Brock, same response for the days I put in.

  3. Here's what I got-I've had GPS off since I got my current phone last year.
    I've used the internet on the phone during the past month when I was out coyote hunting.
    I even checked back to Ohio's deer gun season last Dec. when I used the 'net on phone every day,as we were camping for the week-same result...

    "You have no location history from February 14, 2015 to March 15, 2015"

  4. I don't doubt for one second that the feds can remotely reactivate your GPS, but if you've turned it off it really is off. You can't gain 20-30% more battery life if your phone is lying to you. Looking for a more final solution? Turn the phone off and take the battery out unless you're actively using it. The darn things are the mark of the beast when you carry them around powered on all day.

  5. It showed no history for me also BUT and it's a BIG but, you CAN NOT completely turn off the locating mechanism by law in any cell phone because they use it for the 911 service.
    It doesn't have to be a smart phone, any cell phone.

    That should tell you all you need to know.

    This is why they tell you to take the battery clear out if you can.

  6. And for everyone's edification, with the Samsung and Apple "smartphones" (and probably many others) they can continue to log your location for 30~90 minutes *AFTER* you take the battery out (or enter an area without coverage). The phone will simply store the data in the memory of the phone, and upload it when you put the battery back in/regain cell service. This is possible because of the "super cap" (capacitor) in the phone, which holds enough charge to maintain some basic functions for a period of time in lieu of the battery.

  7. LT:

    That is BS. Urban legend. I have no doubt that you believe that, but it simply isn't true.

  8. They can always get an approximate location based on what tower is providing your sevice, and if 3 are in range, they have your ass as close as 3 meters by triangulating the signal response. As far as GPS off, I have no history, and a phone can be left anytime, and used to create a kill box. Gotem on your ass? Turn the geepus on and drop it, find concealment, wait... Use your heads... Pick your targets...

    1. They only need 1 tower to locate... multiple antenna on the tower... http://www.isis.vanderbilt.edu/sites/default/files/ewsn10_amundson.pdf

      Long story short, multiple antennas on different sides of the tower receive your signal at different measurable times. Sub-millisecond is enough to interrogate with the maths... and calculate a difference/position.

      Wait till the AC wifi routers get popular... they will be able to map out the interior of your home using layer 1 echos, and then once the baseline is established, when you move around inside and disturb the pattern... that too... is calculable...

      Those cell towers sit there all day pinging... and they are static, as in not moving. But we move, and those metal boxes that we get carted around in from here to there reflect signal...

      So if the cell towers can get a position on an object based on reflected rf alone, just like radar, can they be used to drive some ordinance to your location out in the middle of nowhereville??? NO DRONE NEEDED, OVER THE HORIZON...

  9. Unless you designed/assembled the hardware and wrote the code... YOU CANT TRUST IT. PERIOD. Anyone who thinks they can use any type of smartphone or i-device or cloud-type-thing and not be tracked, found, Geo-located, monitored, listened to etc, cuz they have some "privacy app" installed, or they "powered off the device"... I've got a rod from god to sell ya... These types of things should not surprise you... your ignorance to it is kinda telling...

  10. Sheesh. Grandpa has not been anywhere or done anything ever as far as this historymajiggy says. That said, I don't trust anything, and very few anyones. Favorite line from Con Air..
    "I only trust two people, one of 'em is me - the other one isn't you." C'mon folks.... Do NOT trust electrons, OR the places they congregate. ... you've been told different ways for comm...
    time is past when you should have been using them...

  11. Nothing like taking your old cell phone and treating it to a ride on some random Greyhound bus out of Boise. Or Cheyenne. Or chucking it onto a Union Pacific aggregate hopper car going East....

  12. All I can say is - Faraday Cage. )

  13. I have no location history.....


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