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Sunday, March 15, 2015

III to III: Got a Great Recipe you can share?

When Miss Violet issues an edict, I've found it's just best to say: "Yes, Ma'am!"

Idaho PatCon Fundraiser - III Cookbook

I have been instructed to let everyone know the PatCon Planning Committee is going to publish a III Community cookbook, featuring your favorite family recipes.  It's a fundraiser for the July Idaho PatCon.  All proceeds will go toward this year's PatCon, and any leftover funds will go toward next year's event.

The time frame is short - but you have time to send your best recipe for dessert, grill, game or Mom's specialty (or your wife's best, most super-secret family treasures - I won't tell) or other favorites in to the PatCon crew, and maybe get published in the cookbook!  Look at the complete list of categories at the link, below.  The book will be made available in print and on Kindle.

Here are the details.  Take a few minutes and help the PatCon effort with a recipe.  You can even submit a pic with it, if you are inspired to cook up a sample!  (Send the recipe ASAP so the selection and layout process can happen, and you can send the picture later, after you have a chance to cook up a batch!)

Bloggers: Please help spread this around - the timeline is aggressive.  Thanks!

********************Quick footnote from H*********************

Remember folks, this is going to be published at Amazon with "III Patriot" in the title. Think about that for a second.  Help make us ALL proud.

BTW: We have simplified the submission process.



  1. Very cool. I have some good ones. Will select one and get it out to you.

    1. Thanks, Alan!

      We're very much looking forward to receiving your selection.

    2. You can't just send one. Send us ALL the "good" ones. Share, Alan, share!

      I need a new avatar. Just how foofie is that? High-heeled show made of tulips. Oy!

  2. Oh, and I'm a sucker for cook books. I'll definitely want a copy.

    1. I LOVE cookbooks, too, Alan. There is a 40-50 lb box that needs unpacking that has my cookbook collection.

  3. Houston,

    We have Lift-Off! Our first recipe comes from a grill-master in Texas. This recipe calls for "swaddling in bacon."

    Texas gets the first Map Pin!

    1. I've never met a piece of pork I didn't like!

    2. Me either. Some of them have even liked me back! But then the "whole" pig was involved, not just a piece. That would just be weird.

  4. Well, we now have an entry from Alabama! So far the South is winning this one ;-)

  5. I'll get a few recipes sent in on Mon. I've got tons of stuff to do today and tomorrow.
    I spent 20 years or so as a professional chef-so I've got thousands of recipes.
    If you end up with a shortage of recipes for any single category,just shoot me an e-mail,and I'll send a couple dozen in to help finish the book.

    1. Thanks, GameGetter!

      Takes a Patriot Cookbook project to flush-out the professional chef laying low among us. Glad you piped-up. Send us as many as you like. Miss Violet & I will gleefully accept them. Yes, I said "glee." If one is going to be happy about something, might as well go ALL the way to glee.

      And, we certainly appreciate the offer to fill in categories. Actually, I don't see why you should wait. Just send us your couple dozen right now, GameGetter. It would be an injustice to Patriot Palates all across this country to pass up the opportunity to nab -- uh, courteously accept -- your kitchen creations.

      You know you just upped everybody's game, right? Now, you're the guy to beat with number of entries.

      Okay, folks, that's a gentleman stepping-up to help a couple of dames in distress. (I think we passed "damsel" a few decades back.) And "distress" is totally for dramatic effect -- but I'm not above that to make sure a III project is awesome.

      Thanks, again!!!!

  6. Well, pizz. :/ I was going to send in 2 receipes, gamegetter has thousands? maybe I should just bring extra paper plates. ;)

    1. Well, Grog, GameGetter won't be sending in thousands. Miss Violet & I eagerly await YOUR 2 recipe submissions.

      I'm thinking GameGetter has all kinds of fancy recipes that require a degree from culinary art school just to figure out the ingredients like shave truffles and such. Where do I find a pig that will go hunt for my truffles? Do truffles even grow here?

      Totally poking fun GameGetter. ;-)

      Grog, we "reasonably normal" non-chef people have to share OUR favorites.

      Very much looking forward to seeing you again! Extra paper plates may not be a bad idea though. ;-)

  7. Hey Miss V and Holly,

    I will have you two recipes tomorrow, that have been in my family for years and have had numerous requests to share them and declined. Until now. This is a neat project and will be happy to submit them for a good cause.


    1. Thank you, TD! Miss Violet and I are, indeed, honored. Sharing long-protected family recipes for the sake of the cause is noble. Looking forward to receiving them.

      Have a flavorful day.

    2. Just sharing them with my III family.

  8. No culinary arts school for me-I learned the old school way-I apprenticed.
    Believe it or not-at the fancy private country clubs,the best selling lunch specials were always things like stuffed cabbage,meat loaf w mashed potatoes,chicken fried steak,roast pork and sauerkraut,beer battered fish w onion rings made in the same beer batter,you know-normal food.

    I'll be sending a few recipes to you this evening,the rest tomorrow sometime.
    I'll stick to stuff that doesn't require a French-to English dictionary to figure out-and that you don't have to convert the measurements from metric system-at least for today...
    Oh yeah-truffles do grow here-Oregon white truffles were the only U.S. truffles I ever used when I was running restaurant kitchen you can train dogs to find them-don't have to use a pig.
    I never did get the big deal about truffles-it's a freakin mushroom,still tastes like a mushroom.

    1. Too funny, GameGetter! It IS a freaking mushroom. By the ounce, truffles probably rival the price of gold. I don't really get that. Our dogs won't be learning to find truffles anytime soon -- too uppity. We've tried playing catch with them. They'll bring a ball back ONCE, then walk away looking bored & disappointed that we treated them like...well...dogs. So there goes the "Truffle Enterprise," I suppose.

      I'm a huge fan of portobellos - especially grilled.

      Let us know when you email your recipes where you are. If you're close enough, we may just have to arrange to have you black-bagged and brought to the mountain for the PatCon. Or I guess we could just "invite" you like normal people would, so you can come of your own accord, if your schedule allows. Creating a hostage situation at the PatCon might be bad PR. ;-)

      Looking forward to those recipes. And don't be too awfully surprised if Miss Violet and I consult you about the menu for the PatCon Group Meal.

  9. Ok, the fam. asked, and Grandpa is going to send in his "how to make more spaghetti than any platoon can eat, over a campfire." And, as a bonus, if the trans is fixed in the diesel by then, we get to go to Idaho this summer and watch him make it while we clean his guns. Now we're talking about fun! He says he's got to get the days off work, but he may retire - again - before that. Something about he wants to meet up with his friend lineman.... who he knows but hasn't met. We'll get him up there - y'all can try figuring him out. - stormfriend

  10. Hello, Stormfriend!

    Please tell Grandpa, "Thanks!" from me & Miss Violet. Looking forward to his recipe.

    Grandpa sounds like someone we ALL need to meet. Some of my favorite people in life are grandparents to some really lucky grandkidz. If Grandpa can arrange to bring the whole family to Idaho this summer -- in between man-hugs with his buddy, Lineman & some of us helping him clean his guns (yep, loaded-for-fun right there) -- that would be amazing!

    Please tell Grandpa that whether he arranges for days off work or he needs to retire, AGAIN, he should get moving to secure the dates. Sounds like he'll fit right in up here.

    Oh, BTW: If Grandpa, man of mystery, can spare a few minutes up on the mountain, Miss Violet & I would love to get his take on "another" possible cookbook project -- (working title) "Main Dish Meals Made on a Manifold." Catchy, right?

    Being a Three-per means something out in the world. One of the things it means is: we are totally comfortable "swapping recipes" in the clear. (Insert manly grunt here!)

    Help Grandpa get that diesel working, Stormfriend. Cuz, now we have our hopes up about meeting him and the rest of the clan.


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