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Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Fear Mongers & Chicken Littles - Oh My!

"...to influence the masses, aim first at the least intelligent..."

Wow.  Took a little stroll through a few of the old online neighborhoods today.

The Doom Porn Junkies have gone full retard.

Who isn't losing their minds?  Firstly, anyone with basic arithmetic skills and a smidge of common sense.

Secondly, Patriots who have been walking the walk, not simply doing the talktalktalk.

Those who have moved themselves and their families off the line of attack - aren't losing their minds.

Those who have already bought their toilet paper - aren't losing their minds.

Those who... oh, what's the point?  Rational analysis and dialogue are beyond the ken of the Doom Porn Junkies.

Remember - these are the 'Patriots' who buy 'distressed' paint jobs for their AR's - then run a zip tie through the rifle before protesting outside the approved protest zone...


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